White River Ag is happy to offer high quality forages and cover crops from Byron Seeds! We are your superior source in South Central and Southwest Indiana for forage and cover crop seed.

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All corn kernels are primarily made up of the same amount of starch, BUT not all kernels have the same amount of starch readily available for energy! The starch in the kernel is energy, and Masters Choice floury corns have more energy available than industry-standard, hard, flinty corn varieties. Starch in feed rations is what drives milk and meat production. Why settle for a less efficient source than floury corn?

In hard vitreous corn, the starch is bound or tied up in a protein matrix that is difficult for the digestive process to break down. Even after severe grinding and processing this matrix is still present, keeping the starch tied up at the molecular level. We know that these heavy, vitreous kernel particles do not stick to the rumen mat in the rumen and sink to the bottom passing through the rest of the tract very quickly.

There is also strong evidence that floury corn increases rumen “bug” growth and activity allowing for better forage digestibility. They always say the proof is in the pudding… Next time you walk the lot, parlor, or feed floor look at the floor. If unutilized corn is what you see, Masters Choice floury corn is what you need.